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Welcome to my Web Site in homage to the famous Argentinean politician Dr. Ricardo Balbín. Deceased in 1981, let to the coming generations the message that anything will survive in the Republic of the Argentineans but it is conjugating the verb of union and solidarity.
Leader of the centennial Union Civica Radical, candidate to president, speaker, model of patriotic and republican virtues. Here I offer him my most sincere homage, with their speeches, their pictures, the testimony of those that met him.
I want to take advantage of the opportunity to thank the invaluable help of the Dr. Fernando De la Rua, Rafael Pascual, José Mellano and Armando Balbín.
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Matías Bailone

"RICARDO BALBÍN, commander that was born in humble cradle and died in the humility. What bigger praise can it be made of a man that had within their reach all the material goods? " Ernesto Sábato

Balbín (1904-1981) it will be a lasting archetype. Because amid the political violence and of the economic ruin it never lowered the arms. It was a great radical commander, a great architect of the possible thing.

A man of the democracy. A strategist without time that never gave up their company of republican restoration, to their obstinacy for the freedom, to the union of the Argentineans, and to the defense of the institutions. It suffered persecutions in all the authoritarian governments from the Argentina, and he taught to all that can get lost a thousand elections, but never to resign the principles. Days before the fatidical March 24 of 1976, Balbín made a call to the national reconciliation, requesting to the army and the guerrilla that didn't use to the Republic like battle field.

We owe him the short democratic experiences that we had from 1930, for that reason, Ricardo Rojas has said of Balbín what said of Sarmiento: It was "an action man, with apostle's temperament and prophet's glimmers".

Don Ricardo Balbín went several times candidate to President of the Republic Argentina for the Union Civic Radical: in 1951, 1958 and 1973. With Arturo Frondizi, Santiago Del Castillo, Eduardo Gamond, and a young Fernando De la Rúa, as candidates to vice-presidents, respectively.

Lawyer, speaker, political honest, President of the radical bancada of national deputies during the first two Peronist governments, it was imprisoned by their ideas and to defend to the Republic, President of the National Committee of the Union Civica Radical, refundador of the radical party after Arturo Frondizi´s divison, alerted to the country of the dangers of a civil war and of the dictatorship of 1976. He died in the poverty and in the dignity of their honesty without limits in 1981. Krausista and follower of the ethics of Alem and Hipólito Yrigoyen. Friend and consultant of the President Arturo Umberto Illia. Man of the democracy and of the republic, and eminent person of our political life. The president that was never, and that we regret not to have had.

I want to take advantage of this occasion to thank the invaluable help that I have received from the Dr. Fernando De la Rúa, of Rafael Pascual, of Armando Balbin and their wife, and of the great radical historian José Mellano.

Matías Bailone (



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Ricardo Balbin

"Outside of the Constitution there is only place for the adventure and the uncertainty... The remedy of our tragedy is only the full respect to the Constitution that is the formal expression of the will of the people, it is the fundamental agreement of the Argentineans, the synthesis of the coincidences and the only foundation solid for a civilized coexistence... "


"A politician is a citizen with vocation of good public that puts something of his time and of his life to the service of the community in that he lives. And he makes it for a political conviction that he is born from the philosophy in that signs up, to which serves with loyalty." R. Balbin

"The country this knocked down, the man is knocked down in the Argentina. There is in your country undressed men, children that eat every three days and people that believes that the roof is the sky, in front of a wealth developed without control. While you have - Argentinean boy - the possibility to find the solidarity of your atmosphere, there is children that die in the solitude, lifting a statistic of shame in the Argentina. ... This is the Argentina, that of the wide pains and that of the stupid boastings... " RICARDO BALBÍN

By Matias Bailone

"The radicalism has to return to its sources that were always aided by what Yrigoyen defines as its moral idea. The party can change its essence on the base of the frustration and the disappointments. It became very strong the defense of its ideals, almost made a religious sense. For it the radicals call each other coreligionists, participants of a true religion that is the religion of the ethics, of the clean politics, of the moral politics. The radicalism has those principles like fundamental base "


2002, Villa Mercedes, Provincia de San Luis. República Argentina.

Note for the foreign visitors:
The Republic Argentina suffered a coup d'etat almost one year ago against the constitutional government of Dr. Fernando De la Rua. That tragedy arranged by the ferocious opposition 'Peronist' it introduced the Argentina in the course of the international shame. In this road the republican institutions have been harmed and mainly it has been offended the National Constitution gravely. We request to God ('source of all reason and justice') guides to our Homeland for the way to the legality and the progress.

Bemerken Sie für die fremden Besucher:
Die Republik Argentinien erlitt einem Coup d'etat gegen die verfassungsmäßige Regierung von Dr. Fernando De la Rua vor fast einem Jahr. Diese Tragödie arrangierte durch die wilde Oppositionspartei 'Peronist', die es das Argentinien in den Verlauf der internationalen Scham einführte. In dieser Straße ist den republikanischen Institutionen geschadet worden, und hauptsächlich ist es die Nationale Verfassung ernst gekränkt worden. Wir bitten zu Gott ('Quelle von allem Grund und der Gerechtigkeit') Führer zu unserem Heimatland für den Weg zur Gesetzlichkeit und dem Fortschritt.

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